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About Us


ENVITE is a portable Load Testing company for transit cargo containers, oilfield services equipment, skid unit, connex shipping containers and wire rope slings. Our effort to be unique, by our customer’s demand on compliance, is what separates us as the industry leader in load testing, inspection and certifications.

ENVITE provides a comprehensive range of top quality products to meet the unique needs of our customers. As a broad-based service company, we are highly experience in all applications of






We describe our start up as perfect considering the fact that the services mentioned above, are carried out in line with the international standards inview of our partnership alliance with some multinational companies based in United States of America. These alliances includes our partnership with

INEGRICERT, a portable Load Testing company. CRANETECH, a crane inspection and trainingcompany for over 37years. HYDRAULIC INTERNATIONAL, a specialist company for manufacture of double acting pumps flometers, high pressure fittings etc for over 20years. DICKSON DATA, a specialist company in manufacture of pressure recorders, temperature and pressure datalogger, just to mention a few.

Our Vision Statements

We aim to be one of the industry’s leaders in the provision of oil and gas services

We aim to be your oil and gas services firm of choice, by delivering outstanding services that add sustainable value

Our Mission Statement

To provide products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations

Our Core Values

Operate in a fair and transparent manner

Treat our clients and employees with respect

Operate within the industry’s standards

Adhere strictly to government laws and regulations

Operate with Absolute Respect for the Environment

Since 2010 Envite Nigeria Limited began offering these services, we have been involved in both major and minor projects in the oil and gas industries. Though new as a company, we have made some advancement in our quality delivery and this gave rise to the numerous customers we are servicing in the industry. The bulk of our involvement has been in the complete proof load testing and certifications, coupled with other complementary services such as Leasing, flushing, valve servicing and maintenance, corrosion monitoring, and chemical injection, bolt tensioning and instrument calibrations.