Calibration Services

Most instruments need calibration and maintenance on a regular basis to maintain an optimum performance. ENVITE offers calibration devices and accessories for all probes. We can also calibrate your probes for you. We have a reminder service to help you remember that your instruments need calibration and maintenance.

The Rotronic calibration devices are small, airtight chambers that fit exactly to the respective probes. The lower part is a screw-mount lid, into which the humidity standard is filled, together with a textile pad. After a period of stabilization, typically 60 minutes at stable temperature, the required humidity value is attained. The instrument can now be calibrated against the humidity reference value.

Calibration devices are available for the entire range of Rotronic products, and we can also supply calibration devices for third party probes. The inner volume of the calibration device should not be too big; it should not exceed 50 ml of free space when the probe is mounted. When the volume is too big, the correct humidity may eventually not be generated and the calibration will be wrong.

ENVITE instrument is well equipped for calibration, maintenance and repair of measuring and control instrumentation. All calibrations by Envite are traceable to national and international standards. For pressure instruments we can also provide a calibration certificate. Envite has its own measuring laboratories and facilities to carry out calibrations. We can also carry out on-site calibrations. We have a reminder service to help you remember that your instruments need calibration and maintenance.

The ENVITE Relief Valve Testing Service is used to test and recalibrate the set pressure of relief valves and also to carry out leakage tests in accordance with API 527. The equipment package is approved by Lloyds for Zone 1 operation and consists of a Haskel gas booster pump, pressure accumulator and control panel. The relief valve under test is pressurised very slowly with nitrogen and the pressure monitored on two 150 mm test grade (+ 1/4% FSD) pressure gauges and recorded on a chart recorder.

The set pressure is established from the chart recorder. The leak rate, at 90% of the set pressure is then measured by using a Bubbler (as defined by API 527) and a Flow Meter. When a relief valve has been leak tested or recalibrated a certification of calibration/ test is issued and the relief valve identified and locked with a lead seal.

Instrument Maintenance Services

Our skilled technicians can calibrate mechanical, electrical and pressure equipment – whether owned by Blue Manta or the customer – and repair all high-pressure equipment including pump systems, air systems and hydraulic systems. All calibration equipment is certified and traceable to national standards. The service can be provided both on and off site and we offer a 24 hour call out facility within the Nigeria geographical locations. In addition to our internal calibration service, we can also supply calibration equipment and provide training to our client’s workforce on its use.

Our sales staff and technicians can advise on all enquiries to ensure the service provided best meets the customer’s needs.