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Support Services

In addition to Envite internal calibration service, Envite can also supply calibration equipment and provide training to our client’s workforce on its use. Our sales staff and technicians can advise on all enquiries to ensure the service provided best meets the customer’s needs.

We lease and give for outright purchase THE following:

Temperature Recorders- Ranges – 0-35,000 psi

Pressure Guages- Ranges – 0-35,000 psi

Pressure Data Loggers- Ranges – 0-5000 psi

Humidity data Loggers

Temperature data Loggers

Mass Spectrometers

Liquid Flow Meters 2”- 12”

Double Acting Pressure Testing Pumps

Chemical Injection Pumps

Gas Boost Pumps

High Pressure Fitting Ranging from 1/4″ to 12″

Gas and Liquid Flow-meter from 2″ and Above

Dewpoint Meters

Stroke Counters

Subsea Temperature Probe

Nitrogen Tanks

Air Compressor

Leak Test Types

Load Cells (100 tons & 50 tons)


The bolt load on the leaking flange is initially taken to the minimum acceptable level in accordance with specifications. The tension is then progressively increased in increments until the leak is sealed or until the maximum recommended bolt load is reached. If at this bolt load the leak has not sealed then this will be reported to the client to approve further bolt tensioning or allow inspection, gasket renewal or reworking.

Since 2010 Envite Nigeria Limited began offering these services, we have been involved in both major and minor projects in the oil and gas industries. Though new as a company, we have made some advancement in our quality delivery and this gave rise to the numerous customers we are servicing in the industry. The bulk of our involvement has been in the complete proof load testing and certifications, coupled with other complementary services such as Leasing, flushing, valve servicing and maintenance, corrosion monitoring, and chemical injection, bolt tensioning and instrument calibrations.