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Quality Policy

Policy No.:ENL- 013

It is the policy of Envite Nigeria Limited to offer services which conform to the requirement of our clients and to deliver them on time and with no defects at maximum efficiency and minimum cost. We are fully committed to achieving a high standard of performance, corporate and environmental attention that is required to make this policy a reality.

The responsibility for quality lies with everyone in the company including the Executive Director, Managers and staffs.

When the client’s requirement has being clearly established, it is up to every person in the company to ensure that his or her obligations to meet the client’s requirements are complete. It is also necessary for each and every person in the company to verify that the work is completed correctly.

To give our client that extra assurance, the quality manager/coordinator is charged with the duty of managing the quality system. This enables the company to provide a standard of excellence to our client and goes on continuously through documented/implemented procedures and practices. To this end, the company will implement and maintain a Quality Management System which complies fully with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. ENL will maintain up to date, its ISO certification and compliance capability.

These procedures and practices are formalized in the Quality Management System. These are to be routinely reviewed and the documentation revised on a regular basis to ensure that full advantage is taken of any new developments in the industry.

Our company is capable of operating in any part of Nigeria, which enables us to provide adequate support to our clients. We are made up of professional staff, both nationals and  expatriate who may be assigned to any of our locations during their career with the company. We believe that a standard system of procedures supported by formal documentation and defined lines of responsibility, helps to ensure the quality of our oilfield operations everywhere


Delight Onyedikachi

Executive Director

Envite Nigeria Limited


Since 2010 Envite Nigeria Limited began offering these services, we have been involved in both major and minor projects in the oil and gas industries. Though new as a company, we have made some advancement in our quality delivery and this gave rise to the numerous customers we are servicing in the industry. The bulk of our involvement has been in the complete proof load testing and certifications, coupled with other complementary services such as Leasing, flushing, valve servicing and maintenance, corrosion monitoring, and chemical injection, bolt tensioning and instrument calibrations.